Saturday, April 28, 2007

Time in Kansas

I thought that 12 days in Kansas would be a long time. I thought that surely after 12 days, I would be full to the brim with things I had done with my children and with Braylon John. Not so. The time went so fast - and my "fill" was only barely past the 1/8 tank mark. :)

When I arrived at the KC Airport on Saturday afternoon, it was all I could do to wait for my suitcase to arrive on the carousel. Then it was off to the car rental area - and then the LONG drive to Clay Center. I made a quick stop at Target in Manhattan 'cause there were a few things that I wanted to purchase for Braylon. It wasn't long after I arrived in Clay Center that my girls arrived home and I got to see them! They looked wonderful! They looked healthy and happy and just absolutely perfect in my eyes! Mr. Braylon John was kinda cranky. He had been in a tuxedo "all day long" (or so he said) and was ready to be free. I think he knew me - I truly do. If he didn't, it didn't take him long to warm up to the idea that Nana had returned to play.

And play we did. I got to read all of his books numerous times. (Did I say numerous? I meant over and over and over....) We played "Put THIS bug in the bughouse...." and we played "Stack the Playdough cans". We ate fishsticks and poptarts... and we read some more books. I loved it when in the middle of a page he would turn and look at me... and then give me a hug. Wow... way to melt my heart.

Speaking of hearts... my girls and I had some great heart talks. It was time - it was the perfect time. I admit - it had been awhile since we had been able to speak from our hearts - but we were able to and I was so blessed.

Josh and I ended up going to St. Francis to see my mom and to see Aunt Tena - which was such a bonus! Mom looked good and there was a small tug at my heart when I left her.

It was just good.....absolutely good. I wanted so much more and I wish that I were closer. For now - this is the way it is and I will have to deal with it. But I know this - it won't be long before I return 'cause I started to miss everybody the minute my car drove out of the city limits.

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