Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Deer in the Headlights

This was my face this afternoon - ok, not literally - but that's probably how my eyes looked. I was driving home at 5 o'clock - a feat not for the weak-hearted. It was pretty much stop and go traffic but for a brief instant, things were moving along rather well. That was until the guy in front of me stopped suddenly. So, I stopped suddenly.

As I looked into my rear view mirror, I saw a Lawn Dr. truck coming up behind me. The driver was talking on his cell phone. I had my sun roof open so I could hear his breaks squeal as he was trying to stop and keep from hitting me. Then is when you would be seeing my eyes looking like the furry guy in the picture. I could not believe how close he came.

And... he just kept right on talking. Didn't blink an eye.

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