Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Something Positive about DC

As I was driving home from work today, I realized that I was feeling.... well, dare I say it...... positive. It surely couldn't hurt me to to think positive thoughts about where I'm living, could it? Positive reinforcement is good. How does that saying go.........how you think is how you act? Nope - that's not it. But honestly, that COULD be it. I think it's time that I stop dwelling on all the negative things about this area and start focusing on some of the good things. It certainly can't hurt.

We live in a nice apartment. Its modern, very clean (except for those cigarette butts on the sidewalk all the time, the newspapers that nobody seems to ever pick up and the trash that our neighbors always leave outside their door....) and its in a nice neighborhood. We are both close to work and close to the metro. I feel safe here.

Two more things: I've met my friend Chell who is like a SISTA to me. She is awesome and has gone through gastric bypass so she is a wealth of information as well. And speaking of gastric bypass, there are great doctors here. Not only was I able to find someone for my gastric bypass (which I also could have found in Kansas I admit) but found a great doctor for my trachael stenosis. He is one of 9 in the nation - good find for me!

There are a ton of great places to visit and see here. There is a lot of history - and I have the pleasure of being right in the middle of it. I've got to see a lot of things I might not otherwise have been able to.

So - honestly, I need to think twice when I start bashing this area. Yes indeed - there are a lot of minuses. The crime rate is high. The traffic is unbelievable. There are so many people it makes my head spin. But, I am where I am. I'm going to concentrate on the positive aspects for awhile. It can be a good thing.

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