Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Kids

My girls. What can I say? I love the silliness that they have. I love the things that they remember that are funny - we have "sayings" that go way back to childhood that still trigger laughs. When they were in Jr High, they were awful to each other. I used to say to them "Do you want to grow up to be like Grandma and Aunt Vivien?" They said that it would never happen and thankfully, it didn't even come close. They share a friendship like none other and it makes my heart warm to know that!

Miss Rachael. Pooh. She is one of the most creative people I know. I always loved watching her dance and twirl. I could watch videos of that all day long. She can make something out of nothing - and is a great 2nd Birthday party thrower! She is a wonderful mama, a terrific sister, a great friend and a daughter that is so very loved!

Joshua Aaron - my boy. There is a tie between a mother and a son that is special, to be sure. I love it when he "opens up" to me and starts talking. We took a trip out to St Francis together a couple of times and we had some of the best conversations ever. I don't need to tell you what a miracle his life is - every single time I look at him I remember what a blessing it is to have him breathing air. He has such a good heart and he really knows how to live life. I love my boy!

Chelsie's other name is Da-Chee and with good reason. Among her many talents, she is an aunt to Braylon John aka Big Nut. She does that job with a great ability and love. Being child #1 carries with it a great responsibility, whether you're aware of it or not. She handles that responsibility quite well I think. She is so gifted with her musical talent. I love listening to and watching her sing. Sometimes when she sings, her words are attached to her heart and she cries a little bit. That makes her music even more wonderful. I loved watching her in Tiger Chorale and listening to her in band. I remember having so much fun playing piano for her when she played the flute and we played Christmas Music together. I love this girl!

My kids - I am so blessed. I am absolutely blessed beyond measure. How I love them!

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