Friday, September 3, 2010

It's not failure - it's feedback

So the results are as follows:  .4#  Yes, that's right........there's a "." in front of the 4. Not even 1/2#. But - I didn't stay the same and I didn't gain - so I guess it's a victory. It IS a victory - just not a huge one.

One thing we're told is that there's no such thing as failure - just feedback. And these past 2 weeks have been feedback for me. I see that by not strictly following the plan, and exercising 2 times a week, I can lose a little bit of weight. Same plan with no exercise = no loss or gain at all.

So - I think this feedback leads me to a good conclusion. I need to do one of two things (or both for even greater success). Increase my exercise to at least three times a week and/or follow the plan more than 4 days a week. This seems easy enough to do. I can exercise one more day and I can follow the plan for 5 days of the week strictly and let's see what happens.

When I say that I don't follow the plan every day, I don't mean that I eat absolutely anything I want. What I usually end up doing is following the plan the first 2/3 of the day but manage to eat more than I should in the evenings. Apparently this is a problem area. I can adjust - I can fix this.

So - another week started - week 8 I believe and I'm about .4# away from losing 10#. I really, really, REALLY want to have lost 10# next week. The daunting part to me is this long weekend because I really tend to be less obedient and less apt to follow the plan over the weekends. Discipline - here I come.

Happy Labor Day everyone!