Thursday, September 9, 2010

A gain is not a loss - but it feels like losing.....

I truly am not sure what happened this week - I'm at a loss, excuse the play on words.

I gained 1.4# - and that is what I had hoped to lose. If I would have lost it, I would have lost over 10# and I would have had a 5% weight loss. But no. And I do feel like this was a loss to me. Unfortunately not in the pounds department.

I tried so hard this week and granted, it was labor day weekend and I didn't excel - but I worked hard the rest of the week and I walked probably a mile and a half on Monday and worked out Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the gym. I rode the bike for 45 minutes and then worked on abs etc. And this is what I get?

This is all I really want to talk about it. I'm sad - and I'm upset about this. I know a few facts and it has something to do with my will verses the truth about what I need to do - but I don't want to talk about it, as I said. I want to work this through in my heart and head - and with prayer - and I will see what happens in a few days.

This just isn't the place I had hoped to be tonite. I must be just fooling myself.............


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about this post for a few days now. I did not renew my WW membership as I have lost the weight I wanted too (just shy of 25 pounds) but I was becoming sort of obsessed with food...and I think I needed to take a step back. I need to plan and be prepared, and make time for regular, meaningful exercise--in other words, make the lifestyle changes that result in a healthy weight and a good health. I was becoming too focused on the "diet" part. I was stuck for nearly a month at the same weight, and once I started to focus on other things, I find those last few pounds are slowing coming off. It is hard to focus on good health when the focus is on the scale. That said, WW DOES WORK. I have kept all the materials, and now hop on the scale daily so I keep myself in a good range.

Good luck and do not get discouraged!!!

I do worry a little about winter-- I live in a northern state, and we get lots of snow here. Walking can be kind of tough when it is icy.

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