Saturday, July 11, 2009

My son

I've been given a chance again this week to reflect on my son's life. And the fact that he still has one. Yet again.

Josh was involved in another vehicle accident. This time it wasn't his truck, but rather a cement truck (full of cement I might add) that was traveling about 60 mph down the road. His left front tire blew out - not just a flat - but a blowout.

From the observation of the man who was traveling behind him, the entire truck flipped end over end at least the first time - as well as rolling two more times before it landed in the opposite ditch. Quite a feat for a cement truck I'd say.

Josh really only remembers hearing the BOOM and then ending up in the ditch. It's amazing to me how fast a cement truck can roll. I wouldn't have guessed that.

For all that action, Josh ended up with some stitches on his back and his arm as well as a torn ear lobe that was bandaged, a gash in his mouth that is healing on its own, a bandage on his nose and other various bumps and bruises. He lost his glasses and his hat (thrown from his head I guess).

And just like the wreck several years ago, the hat and the glasses were recovered. I remember that we had to search and search to find out where they ended up.

That really was the only similarity of this accident and the first one. Other than one important one. Josh is still alive. This wreck didn't leave him as seriously injured as the first one, but yet not as minor as the second one. The common thread is that he is still alive. His life has been spared - and I cannot help but think that God has something yet for Josh to accomplish.

My prayer is that Josh will seek what God has in mind for him. I wonder if God is trying to get Josh's attention (He sure has mine!!) and if that's the case, I want Josh to know how much God loves him and that He has things in store for him that are wonderful.

I am so thankful - and we are so blessed as a family that Josh is still alive. Thank you to everyone for your prayers.

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Laura said...

Your Josh is a lucky one and one day he will discover what God wants him to be doing. Our prayers are with you.