Friday, July 31, 2009

4 weeks in South Carolina

Well, we've been in South Carolina now for 4 weeks and it has been such a good move! This place is just lovely and the "Southern Hospitality" is genuine! I have made more friends already in this month than I did in 3 years in Virginia. Nothing against Virginia or the wonderful friends that I made there - this lifestyle is just more conducive to a slower pace of life and time to cultivate friendships.

The area itself is just beautiful. Lots of trees and flowers and shrubs - not to mention the fountains that are located downtown. Everyone cares what their yards and the parks look like - great care is taken for landscaping.

The history here is also very rich. I've read three books so far dealing with the history of Aiken and have enjoyed becoming better acquainted with the area. What a pleasure to see places that I've read about!

I've joined a Bunko group as well as a knitting group. I've been invited to come to the next Newccomers meeting. Interesting - many of the ladies in this club have been members for 20+ years. That says something doesn't it? It must be a club that is fun! Their speeakers are often authors or historians. I'm looking forward to joining!

All in all, this place already feels like home. I'm still looking for a job but the time on my own has been well spent. I feel like I've got a better idea of the town atmosphere. Still - there's noplace like home - if you know what I mean.


Amy W said...

I'm so glad you are finding your way around. The scenery is very beautiful!! Who knows, maybe in another year or two you will be calling it "home"!

The Chance Family said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! amazing scenery! and, so nice to have made friends and start feeling like you belong there. Awesome!

Laura said...

So glad things are working out for you. The pictures are beautiful!