Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Vienna Inn

This morning, we had breakfast at the Vienna Inn. It's not very far from our house and it's a place we had heard about several times - a place people said "we had to go to". We left our house at 8:00 with the knowledge that this little cafe fills up quickly with locals.

We walked in and we were immediately greeted by some of the customers. They said "Just sit anywhere and help yourself to the coffee". They pointed up against the wall where the coffee pots were. They asked if it was our first time there and I said it was. They told us "Welcome". So we went over and grabbed two mugs and proceeded to fill them with coffee.

We sat down in a cozy little booth and a waitress came around with a menu. Apparently you can just order what you want. We had eggs/bacon/toast/hashbrown breakfast and went over to refill our coffee mid-way. The waitresses were very nice and checked on us periodically to see if everything was ok. Near the end of our meal, the waitress told us that when we were done, just to go on up to the counter to pay for our meal - that there wasn't on a ticket. They do it on the honor system. Seriously.

It was a very good breakfast and the cost was under $12 for both of us. That is unheard of in this area!

There were lots of "locals" there - several groups of men that obviously met there on Saturday mornings for breakfast on an ongoing basis. It was just a little slice of hometown life in the middle of a big city. We both enjoyed it!