Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The group I knit with on Wednesday evenings is so much fun - it's a new community of friends for me and in this city, that is a very important thing. As it turns out, the third Wednesday of the month is also spinning night. A good percentage of the knitters are also spinners and after watching them a few times, I realized that I wanted to try it out. Several of the ladies let me try their wheels and before long, the "spinning bug" had found its way into my soul.

To start out with, my friend Laura let me take home one of her spinning wheels to use. Note that I said "one of her wheels" because apparently - once you have one, you have several. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain Jay)

So after using hers for awhile, I knew that I needed one of my own. Yesterday my friend Liz met me at a shop in Centreville and the lady there let me try out several wheels before I settled on a Kromski Sonata. I was smitten. It was just perfect for me. Next............the sell job to the husband.

As you can see from the picture, I am now the proud owner of a Kromski Sonata - and it is just absolutely the best! It is portable - it folds down and has its own carrying bag.

Along with the wheel, you get $50 of free merchandise and here is a picture of part of the things I purchased. This is a picture of four 2oz packages of raw spinning material - namely alpaca, silk, merino (a type of sheep) and yak. Yes - yak.

Apparently you can spin most anything with hair or wool. So for all you barking dogs in the neighborhood, take heed.

This is a picture of a scarf I knitted about a month ago with a Maggie yarn. Kinda fun!

So now I want it to snow - snow so hard that I'm snowed in and can't go anywhere. For days on end. I have things to do!!


Laura said...

Congratulations on the wheel!! You'll get lots of fun out of it. How was the spinning class?

Amy W said...

How FUN. Congratulations on your new addiction. We all gotta have 'em. Mine's soap!

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