Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's Official

When I was cleaning out my closet several weeks ago, I straightened out my sewing box. In doing so, I found this box of straight pins belonging to my mother. Apparently one time after she had voted, she placed her sticker on this box. I remember always kind of making fun of her for putting it there and wondering why in the world she kept it.

When I dusted the top of my chest of drawers last weekend, I took a good look at this little basket that keeps just little random things in it and guess what I found.

It's official. My fears have been confirmed. I am turning into my mother.


Liz U. said...

If it's taken you this long, then it can't be that bad.



Amy W said...

Oh my word, aren't we all? I mean, I'm sure my mom says "oh my word" all the time!! :)

Laura said...

Don't we all turn into our mothers at one point or another!
I'm glad it took you this long to get to this point.
I'm hoping to postpone becoming like my mother for a little while longer.