Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pearl Harbor

One of the places I visited while on Oahu was Pearl Harbor. I've been there before, over 30 years ago I believe. But, I don't remember being so "struck" with the gravity of that place before. Just pulling up to the place where the Arizona rests was unbelievable. I immediately felt the reverence and the peacefulness of that place.

Just knowing that the Arizona was "resting" beneath me was something I'll never forget. It wasn't creepy. It was instead a quietness that everyone there felt. Well, almost everyone. One of the rangers kept having to tell this one couple to please be silent. The older gentleman was videotaping and he kept on speaking into the microphone, narrating everything he was seeing. The wife was "helping" him. If you know what I mean.

Standing there, looking at the names of the men who died that day in Pearl Harbor made me realize that men have died since the beginning of time, defending something that they believe in. There were names of brothers who died together. There were names of father and son who died together. I didn't know any of them - but someone did. And while I stood there, I said a little prayer for those left behind who grieved. It was a very inspirational place to stand.

Pearl Harbor. December 7, 1941.

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Laura said...

Sheryl, You have a cute grandson and the pictures of Hawaii make me wish I could go soon.

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