Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Knitting on Wednesday nights

I finished reading a book called The Friday Night Knitting Club a couple of months ago and every since then, I've really wanted to knit again. I learned to knit back when I was in 4-H - probably about 40 years ago or so. Surprisingly, I still remembered the skill! It was like riding a bike!

I had this urge to find a cute little knitting shop that would be close to me - somewhere where you could stop in and knit with new friends in the evening. I did a search and found a place right on the way home from work called Nature's Yarns. It was absolutely perfect!

It's open until 6 o'clock every night except Wednesdays - and on Wednesdays, it's open until 8:30, or 9:00 or 10:30 - sort of when everybody decides to leave. Everyone brings the projects they are working on - but more than that, they bring their spinning wheels and spin. I had absolutely NO IDEA that women still did this. They do - with gusto and with a passion! Two of the women have let me spin on their wheels and it was just very soothing. The sound of the wheels going around is just calming. One of the sounds I very much like is the wheel called a hitchiker that Laura has.

There are many kinds of wheels to choose from - and I wouldn't even begin to guess what I'd like until I've taken a class and tried out many types of wheels - which I thorougly intend to do!

I'm currently working on knitting a pair of socks....(which at this point does NOT look like socks) and a pretty blue sweater. I love knitting!

The ladies at the shop are just so nice! They are so helpful - always ready to answer all of my questions. Liz is even going to let me borrow her wheel for the spinning class in December!

Esther is going to be teaching the class - she has a very cool website that you can find here.

It's just a little place for some "community". I find it very refreshing here in the city - that a group of "real women" who know politics, who love adventure, who have families and jobs and husbands can get together and knit. I know this sounds funny to say, but it's earthy to me. And really - there just isn't enough "earthy" in the world sometimes. It's so teckie and so high speed and so stressful - that sitting listening to a wooden wheel spin around just makes the world right.


Kendall Smith said...

Chelsie, I can guess what you're getting for Christmas this year!!! :-) You go, Sheryl!!!

Sheryl Kenoyer said...

The odds of me getting these socks done in the next two months are slim to none! :)