Saturday, August 2, 2008

The three mile commute

It's only three miles from our house to my work. Three little miles. By city standards, that is a walk in the park. A piece of cake. No big deal. I am amazed by how that little three mile commute can turn so ugly. I am quickly turning into "one of them" I'm afraid. There are a lot of people out there driving who should not be behind the wheel and it is becoming easier and easier to get "wired up" from my little drive to and from work.

Honestly - by the time I get home from work at night, my blood pressure is high. I'm sure of it. I'd love to be hooked up from the moment I exit my parking lot until I pull into the driveway. I'll bet it rises significantly with each turn of the wheel.

The other issue that scares me is that it's becoming clear to me that whenever I'm honked at, there is a strange false sense of bravery that comes over me. Friday on my way home I got honked at because there was a green light in front of me - but the thing was, I couldn't move because there was a red light up ahead and there was a long line of cars and nobody was moving. I couldn't move. When the guy honked at me, I really felt like I could get out of my car and go back and smack him. That would be the false sense of bravery kicking in. In actuality, it really is a sense of stupidity - but sometimes those two things are easily mistaken for each other.

I find myself now hurrying wherever I go - even if I don't have a deadline. We went to the baseball game last night. The game wasn't until 7:30 and we left our house at 5:00. We took the Metro and it really does take about an hour and a half by the time you change trains etc. etc. etc. - but we still had plenty of time. Even so, I was hurrying through the crowds of people, wishing people would walk faster and wondering why the next train was taking so long.

This city is just doing me in - I'm becoming "one of them" and it is scaring me. I'm from Kansas - I have ALWAYS lived in a small town and this is crazy. I need to remember my roots - and stay in my car when I'm honked at.


Amy W said...

Hey, crazy lady! Just wanted to let you know that you've been tagged on my blog!!

Courtney e said...

Sheryl - I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I get so annoyed and notice I'm shaking... for no reason except I wanna get where I wanna get and I don't want slow drivers who aren't in a hurry in my way... even though I'm not in a hurry... but then on that rare day where I just wanna take my time, I get made at those zooming around me... it's a lose-lose situation.