Saturday, August 16, 2008

It all seemed like a good idea....

We decided to take a day trip today to a little town in Maryland named Hurlock. Why Hurlock? My mother's maiden name is Hurlock and well - it just seemed like a great place to visit and there might be some family connection there etc. It actually turned out to be further away than I thought - but it was a beautiful day outside and we thought it would be fun. Turns out that was wrong.

I of course brought my camera along - to take all the great pictures of this historical little town. So I got a picture of the welcome sign...... and the water tower. That's it. There wasn't anything else. I mean it. We couldn't find a park, a quaint little cafe, or any historical signs - or even the pickle factory! Seriously!

I was really a little disappointed - I had this built up into a story about us walking on the streets of downtown Hurlock and meeting someone who turned out to be the long lost great uncle of mine.....but no.

All I got was a lot of traffic, a lunch at Applebees down the road - and a lot of windshield time. Oh well - it seemed like a good idea.