Friday, February 29, 2008

Why my feet get tired at the Post Office

Today after work, I went to the post office. I knew it was going to be busy. Its Friday and I arrived there at 4:00. It was going to be busy. Now - if I knew that, wouldn't you think the post office would know that? Apparently not.

When I arrived, I was the 5th person in line. Not so bad. There were three cashiers at the windows to help. Also, not bad.

Window #1 - As soon as I arrived, she was helping someone but she put up her "Go to the next window" sign. She apparently quit at 4 o'clock.

Window #2 - She was waiting on a man who was looking for a missing package. She "wandered" off somewhere to look for it - apparently in the deep dark crevices of the mail room 'cause I didn't see her again for quite some time.

Window #3 - When I got there, he was waiting on somebody but as soon as that person finished, he walked away.

So there we stood. All of us. All 20 of us.

Window #1 - The manager came out and she asked him if she should go ahead and close up. He said NO! Thank you.

Window #2 - No sign of her. She might be lost.

Window #3 - Again, no sign of him.

Window #1 - the next person in line goes up to her and has to fill out some forms etc. While he is doing that, the cashier's cell phone rings. I thought to myself "Oh no she won't." Well, she did. Seriously. In the United States Post Office! She answered her cell phone! Seriously!

Window #2 - She comes wandering back without the lost package and proceeds to tell the customer how sorry she is.

Window #3 - Nothing

Window #1 - The guy is still filling out his forms.

Window #2 - The next person in line goes up.

Window #3 - The cashier saunters back in with a cup of coffee. The manager asks him if he could help the next person in line. He says "sure". Question: If you have one hour left, why do you need a coffee break?

Anyway - you get my point. After 20 minutes, I get my one little package weighed and sent off.

As I was getting back into my car, my right foot was asleep. Post Office Foot its called.

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