Monday, February 25, 2008

Kansas vs Washington DC

Kansas: I can walk into IGA and recognize practically everybody there plus get hugs from about 50% of the people.
Washington DC: I can walk into Giant and maybe recognize one of the checkers.

Kansas: I can drive to work in about 15 minutes but end up frustrated with traffic about 75% of the time.
Washington DC: I could drive to work in about 2 minutes and never have to worry about traffic.

Kansas: I can go to church and spend about a half hour afterwards talking to friends.
Washington DC: I can go to church and then leave - everybody is too busy.

Kansas: You can drive for about 5 minutes and end up in the middle of nowhere - its quiet, no traffic, and you can enjoy a wonderful sunrise or sunset.
Washington DC: You can drive for quite some time to get out of the city, end up outside of the city with the same amount of traffic, and probably not see a sunrise or sunset because of all the buildings.

Kansas: You can talk to people you see on the street. You can look them in the eye.
Washington DC: You'd better not talk to anybody on the street, or on the Metro, or in the mall because they might think you're a stalker or a wierdo - or they might be a stalker or a wierdo. And you'd better not look anybody in the eye. They might shoot you.

Kansas: My children are there. Braylon is there.
Washington DC: They are not here.

I just got back from a short weekend in Kansas. I told Jay on the trip home that I felt like I lead two lives - the one in Kansas and the one in Washington DC. I almost feel like two different people because of the huge difference in locations. I'm not saying that I'm not happy where I'm at. I am saying that I'd be happier in Kansas.

And the winner is...........

Kansas. By a country mile. :)


Kendall Smith said...

Oh my--that little boy is SO CUTE!!!! I just see and him think "Josh". Doesn't he look like him????

Sheryl Kenoyer said...

I can't tell you how many people say that he looks like Josh! I agree!