Sunday, December 9, 2007

Three months later......

These two photos are the "before" shots - I think the day before surgery.

These two photos were taken today, about 3 months after surgery.

Its funny - I really don't see the difference. Seriously.

I know that there is a difference because I've lost 50# and I've gone from a size 3X top to an XL and from size 26 pants to a size 16. So there is a difference. But by looking at these photos, I don't see it. That's just funny to me.

I feel so much better (and when I can breathe, I will feel a LOT better). My knee doesn't bother me any more and I just feel more energetic.

Its crazy. The funny part is that as it turns out, I didn't need this surgery at all for my breathing. I guess I just get the bonus benefits. Blood pressure is great etc.

I wonder if when I look at photos of me in another three months if I'll see a difference?

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Jason & Chelsie Crook said...

I do! The side view especially! Good work!

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