Thursday, December 6, 2007

A little Thursday Talk

Could this be little baby Braylon when he was just 2 months old? Yes... it sure could be!

I don't have all that much to say today - So why am I blogging you ask? Because I know that when I visit somebody elses blog, I am always so excited when I see something new. I don't care if its really important stuff, a picture or two, or just an update. I like it. I looked at my blog and saw that it had been well over a week since I'd written anything - and so here I am.

I don't happen to have any really important stuff to share. About as important as it gets is saying that it finally snowed yesterday. We got about 2" and you'd think by the way this city reacts that we got 10". They go crazy here. They truly do. Things are cancelled all over the place and people drive like grandmas. Amazing.

When I went out to scrape my car this morning, my windshield wiper was off of its handle. There was snow to scrape off etc. so by the time I got to the task of putting it back on, my fingers were frozen and I couldn't get it on. There wasn't a soul in sight in the parking lot and I was frustrated. I couldn't drive without a blade because when people drive in front of you, they kick up spray on your windshield. I started to pull out, and there was a guy scraping off his car. I rolled down my window and asked him if he thought he could help. He said that he'd try - and sure enough, he could. I was so thankful!

Now - of course there's my breathing. I am still breathing. That's the good news. The other good news is that I just now heard from the doctor's office and they got an authorization for my surgery. I will find out tomorrow morning when it is scheduled. I am ready.

The great part - in two weeks I'll be in KANSAS with my kids and with Braylon John! I absolutely cannot wait to see them and to spend Christmas with them!

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Jason & Chelsie Crook said...

Baby Nut! Oh my goodness he was small once!

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