Sunday, October 14, 2007

Meeting Uncle Bob in DC

I got an e-mail from my cousin Sandi this past week telling me that my Uncle Bob was going to be flown to Washington DC on a flight called "Honor Flight". It is a free flight for WWII Veterans, most especially for wounded veterans, but I don't believe exclusively for them. My uncle lives in Longmont, CO and couldn't wait to take advantage of this opportunity. When I heard he was going to be here on a Saturday, I too had to take advantage of it. She sent his schedule to me and we ended up meeting him at the WWII Memorial at 11:00 Saturday morning. These pictures are a little out of order - not sure how that happened - but the results are the same. The picture above shows him and some of his friends at the Colorado column.

This is what the WWII Memorial looks like. It was a perfectly beautiful morning and the temperature was perfect. There were a lot of veterans there - it was a great place to be.
This is another picture of the inside of the memorial.
This is me pictured with my Uncle Bob.
Uncle Bob had the honor of carrying the flag to the Colorado site. He was part of that ceremony and it really was an honor for him.
Bob Dole was also there and spent several hours there talking to the veterans. He was taking a picture with Uncle Bob and found out that he was from Colorado. He asked if he brought anybody from Kansas with him and I told him that I was from Kansas. He said "Well get in this picture then!" He was so very nice to all of the men - it was a pleasure to meet him.
As I said - there were so many people. I was milling around waiting for Uncle Bob's bus to arrive and I spotted a woman with a K-State t-shirt on. I went up to her and said that I had to say "Hi" to a woman with a K-State shirt on. I told her that I was from Kansas and she asked where... I told her Clay Center and she said she was from Concordia! Isn't that cool? I loved it! All in all - it was a wonderful day. It was beautiful outside, I got to see Uncle Bob honored and I got in a great walk!