Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Day at the Zoo

While we were in Kansas for Braylon's birthday, we took advantage of a wonderful fall afternoon and went to the zoo. Braylon loves going to the zoo very much. At just the mention of the idea, he wanted his shoes on.

The zoo has a new bear and we were lucky enough to see it standing on hits back legs. That's pretty cool considering the last bear that was at the zoo was hardly ever out of his cave. Braylon hurried to see the bear!

He liked looking at the birds as well. He liked getting right up next to the cages to see them - kinda made me nervous.

When he saw the little machine that takes a quarter to get bird food, he knew what it was. Apparently somebody else has shelled out quarters for that little boy! We got some feed and tried feeding the ducks. They apparently had been fed not too long before that because they were not interested.

It was a wonderful afternoon at the zoo. We had such a nice time watching Braylon run from one place to the other.

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