Friday, August 10, 2007

The Necessity of Insurance

Everybody needs different types of insurance. Some insurances are required by state law such as vehicle liability insurance and property liability insurance. You absolutely have to have homeowners insurance of some type in case of fire etc. Some people have life insurance, some don't. Some people have cancer insurance and nursing home insurance. Some people insure their pets.

But then there's health insurance. Unfortunately not everybody has it - but its so necessary. There are a variety of options out there and most of them are very expensive and they certainly have their exclusions of what they will pay for.

I've been "fighting" with my insurance company for the last two months about them paying for my gastric bypass surgery. At first it was a flat no. Then I was told that they might pay for it under certain circumstances. So we jumped through hoops and did psychiatric evaluations and sent reports and letters etc. This went on and on and we talked to so many different people it wasn't even funny. They finally told us that they would pay for it. I was thrilled! Then they said no.We need more proof of necessity. So we did more. We sent more. We worked harder. Then they told us two weeks ago that it was a go. They even called the doctor's office and gave them a confirmation number. We scheduled the surgery and I was just so excited. Then the first part of this week we got more news that they had denied and they don't know how it got through that it would be paid for, but that it wasn't true. :(

I don't know what we would have done if we wouldn't have had health insurance when Josh had his wreck. His total bill was a half a million dollars. There was no way that would have been paid for.

I had throat surgery yesterday morning - the same surgery I've had 8 other times because of acid reflux - and this time they had a little more trouble so they kept me in ICU overnight to make sure my breathing was ok. That alone would have been very expensive but fortunately my insurance does pay for that and I have met my deductible.

My point? You gotta have insurance. Its just too bad that you pay and arm and a leg for it and sometimes - they give you nothing in return. In this case, you do not always get what you pay for.

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