Friday, June 26, 2009

A Bear

Thursday morning, we took a drive through Shenandoah National Park - as a reward for working so hard on our packing! It was a beautiful morning and we got out early enough that the park was not crowded and the animals were still out looking for breakfast.

This was our second time there. The first time was a year ago over the 4th of July and I remember being so disappointed that I didn't ever see a bear.

Well this time I was rewarded with a bear sighting! We were just driving along and this little black bear wandered across the road. These pictures really aren't very good because I took them in such a hurry - I didn't want to miss the photo opportunity!

He wasn't afraid of us at all - in fact, he was rather curious. I didn't see his mama - but then, I didn't go out looking for her either. She might not have been quite so receptive to a human.

It was just fun to see this bear. In fact, it amazes me that they are out there. A bear.

I'm pretty sure there are no bears in Kansas. Are there?

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Amy W said...

No. No, bears in Kansas! My uncle will tell you he's sure there are mountain lions, bobcats, and of course, coyotes. He's the one in NW Kansas near your hometown. :)