Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A shower with a mind of its own

I want to discuss my shower. More accurately, I want to discuss water pressure.

The water pressure in our apartment has never been tremendous. Sometimes, it is a trickle. Other times it's not so bad, but it has never been great.

The thing that's odd and the thing that annoys me is that it is not a continuous water pressure. I know what you're thinking - "You dork - when somebody else turns on the fawcet in the sink, of course your water pressure is going to change." Well, I know that and this isn't the case at all. I can be the only one in the apartment and be in the shower, and all of a sudden there is barely any water at all. Not a great thing when you have soap in your hair. Then, after a minute or so, the water pressure returns.

Other nearby apartments water usage doesn't affect us - we're separately controlled - so that isn't it. I just truly am stumped. And - it really only seems to happen in the shower. We have great pressure in the sinks and in the tub - and it stays constant there too.

I could always say something to the apartment office - but I just hate to walk in and say......well, my water pressure comes and goes. They would just shake their heads at me and tell me to either 1) live with it or 2)that somebody else was using water at the same time I was showering.

I really have no explanation. I just know that it isn't all that great to take a shower under a trickle of water.

Does this blog post go anywhere.... not really. Just venting. Thanks for reading! :)

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Laura said...

You are very welcome to vent all you want!!

Water pressure here is really different from what I have known before. I never know what to expect anymore.

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