Thursday, November 20, 2008

An orchid in winter

I have a beautiful orchid that was blooming when I got it. I have babied this plant along for quite some time now and finally it has bloomed again. It has to have just the right amount of sunlight and it wants orchid food in it's just-so right amount of water (room temp please).

I just wanted to share how pretty it is - the flowers are just lovely! It sits in the den which really is the chilliest room in the house, especially during the day when we're gone and the heat is down. So far, I guess it doesn't mind.

Anyway - no big news - just wanted to share my orchid with everyone! Have a great Thursday!


Liz U. said...

How pretty! So nice to have the blast of color on a grey day.

Laura said...

I agree, that is one pretty plant! I haven't ever been successful in growing and keeping orchids. Enjoy that color.

Amy W said...

It's beautiful!! Yes, definitely enjoy it while you can. My grandma is the only other person I know who can make an orchid bloom - what a rare gift.