Thursday, July 24, 2008

Things that make me smile

1. Waking up in the middle of the night, looking at the clock and finding out that it's only 12:30 pm.
2. Having coffee in my pajamas on a Saturday morning.
3. Walking past a bakery and smelling fresh bread.
4. Seeing a weiner dog run.
5. Hearing Braylon John say "Luv you Nana"
6. Being snowed in. (Granted, that hasn't happened since I don't know when)
7. Coming home from vacation and seeing that my plants are still alive on the deck.
8. Rummaging through a drawer and finding something you thought was lost.
9. Thinking about how my brother used to have me "smell" his spoon full of ice creme.
10. Fresh sheets on the bed.
11. High school reunions
12. That first color of green in the springtime
13. Scuffing your feet through leaves in the fall
14. Zits comicstrip in the newspaper
15. When you first see the mountains when you're on I-70 headed west
16. A pair of jeans that actually fit
17. Hearing God's voice beyond a shadow of a doubt

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