Friday, September 7, 2007

One Week After

Last week at this time I was sleeping off anesthesia. I think I was going to sleep for the night - even though I got woke up every two hours for vital signs. It wasn't like I was getting a good night's sleep.
Here I am, one week later, feeling much better. I had a doctor's appointment today and I get to start on pureed foods. This means also appleasauce, cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, baby food and oatmeal. This just sounds wonderful to me! I am supposed to eat by the clock every 2 hours because I won't feel hungry - and that's true. I don't. I eat about two teaspoons of food and I'm good to go. So now I will have lots of little leftover bowls in the fridge with the spuds I made, and some oatmeal in the morning. Those portions will last me for about a month at this rate! I still need to drink two protein shakes a day and plenty of water. Thursday morning I woke up not feeling so good and I finally figured out I was dehydrated. I need to be sipping something all day long. I finally got caught back up by mid-afternoon and began to feel better.
So far, since my pre-op visit, I've lost 10#. Not bad at all!
They also told me not to go back to work yet. It's not because of any pain, but its that I'm not strong enough yet. Every ounce of energy goes towards healing and mending - there's not much left over for doing things. When I take a shower and wash my hair, I'm toast. I doubt I could even begin to make it through a work day. This means one more week of watching Ellen and Trading Spaces, not to mention all of the great things on the Food Channel.
So yes - I'm doing very well thank you. :)

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Kendall Smith said...

I'm glad to see you're feeling better already! I've been wondering how things went. And there's certainly nothing wrong with watching lots of Trading Spaces, is there? :-)