Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snow in the south

I really didn't think I would like it - but I was wrong. I loved it. Last week the forecast called for snow and sure enough, despite everyone thinking it wouldn't ever happen, we got snow! About 4" of beautiful, wet snow! It had been years since this area had received any snow so of course there were a lot of warnings out for the area - telling people to stay off of the roads, watch out for ice, and to stock up on food in case you were snowed in.

Smiling here - snowed in. Ha!

When it started snowing, I, along with many others, went for a walk. It was just so nice to walk with those big flakes hitting me in the face. I remembered many snow storms in Kansas and being snowed in - I mean REALLY snowed in! It was nice.... very nice.


Amy W said...

Beautiful, isn't it? We're getting hit again tonight & tomorrow. Someone said up to 8 inches!

Arianne said...

Beautiful pics Sheryl! You have pretty views that surround you!