Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Alamo

We just got home from San Antonio yesterday. Jay had a Health Physics conference there and so I went along. I've got several friends that I've got to know (wives of other men who belong to the Health Physics Society) and I knew it would be warm there as well. I wasn't born yesterday!

Anyhow - I want to share our visit to the Alamo. I always had the misguided image in my head that the Alamo was out in the middle of nowhere. Not true. Of course at the time it was built and the battle occurred, it definitely WAS out in the middle of nowhere - but today, it is in the middle of downtown San Antonio and was within walking distance of our hotel.

I was afraid that knowing that information might put a little bit of a damper on the visit but that wasn't the case at all.

The Alamo was almost sheltered within the city - it was very well preserved and the city had taken great care to be respectful of the fact that many had died on that spot and than even a few of them were buried there.

One gentleman gave us about a 15 minute history of the Alamo - and it really gave me a much greater appreciation of that lovely building. We took a tour and read about the battle.

One of the things I didn't remember is that David Crockett (Yes, Davey Crockett) was involved in all of this. All throughout the Alamo in various displays, he is referred to as David. He was a lawyer. I'm pretty sure that when Fess Parker portrayed him on television, this was not brought out. But I was young when it was on so who knows what they said. I was just focusing on his raccoon skin cap.

All that said, it was a wonderful tour and the grounds around the Alamo were lovingly cared for. They asked for a quiet respect when you entered inside the building.

I have a desire now to learn more about the battle, the people who were involved and a little bit clearer knowledge about David Crockett. King of the Wild Frontier! (Do you suppose he really killed himself a bar (bear) when he was only 3?)

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