Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Metro

Today is a new adventure.....I'm taking a taxi by myself for the first time and riding the Metro by myself for the first time. This time of day, there is absolutely no parking at the Metro station... thus the taxi to the Metro. Second, I have to take the Metro to my throat doctor because it is close to downtown DC and man on man I don't want to drive there. The traffic is unbelievable and getting there is NOT easy. I know where I"m going on the Metro - its just that I haven't ever done it by myself. Rule #1 .... don't look at anybody in the eyes. Rule #2.... know where your purse is at all times. Honestly, I'm being a little silly 'cause at this time of day, its really only business people etc. Its not scarey and the stations are nice and clean. But... its a big day for me.

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